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Put Hair Concerns to Bed With an Overnight Hair Mask

by wedo_act


Hair masks should be a staple in everyone’s haircare routine because they are formulated specifically to target certain hair concerns as well as condition, nourish and soften the hair. However, not everyone wants, or likes, to spend extra time in the shower (wasting water) waiting for a mask to work.

This is what makes overnight hair masks, treatments or creams, great: you’re putting your hair concerns to bed whilst getting back some precious snooze time. In fact, certain hair masks will be more effective if you leave them on for longer, so using an overnight mask gives the term “beauty sleep” a whole different meaning.

What are the benefits of using overnight hair masks or treatments?

Besides being a time saver, an overnight hair mask can leave your hair feeling fabulous by: 

  • Penetrating the hair shafts deeply and adding more moisture 
  • Making the hair shiny and soft
  • Reducing hair breakage 
  • Detangling the hair 

All hair types can benefit from sleeping with a hair treatment on, but this will be specifically beneficial for hair that is dry and coarse. An overnight hair mask will deeply nourish and help to tame frizzy hair.

It’s important to highlight that not all hair masks are made to be used overnight because they might leave your hair flat or heavy. 
If you’re making a DIY mask with eggs or yogurt for example, just be mindful to not leave it longer than 20 minutes, because too much protein can actually have the opposite effect and leave it brittle and weak. Apple cider vinegar is another ingredient to avoid because it is acidic so it can actually dry out the hair if left overnight.

Why you should add weDo/ Nourishing Night Cream to your sleep routine

We’re big believers in products that can multi-task, and there’s nothing more hard-working than the Nourishing Night Cream, our overnight hair cream. Just as you would pamper and nourish your skin every night, so why not give the same attention to hair?
Formulated with 97% natural-origin ingredients including cupuacu butter – its hero ingredient –  the mask deeply nourishes and repairs the hair whilst you sleep. Nourishing Night Cream works wonders, but especially on hair that is dry or damaged. The great thing about this product is its versatility: you can use it as a rinse-out or as a leave in, depending of your preference, morning habits and hair texture!

Apply it to your lengths and ends on slightly damp or dry hair, then put on a shower cap or hair wrap to protect your bedding. Rinse it out in the morning if your hair is fine or normal, and follow by washing with one of our sulfate-free shampoos, or leave it in if your hair is coarse or curly. If you are using it overnight and rinse in the morning, apply a generous dollop, but reduce if you want to use it as a leave-in.
Your hair will be easier to comb, softer to touch, less frizzy, shinier and overall healthier looking. Didn’t we tell you this is one hard-working overnight mask?

Alternatively, if you don't want to leave a product in overnight, try our specially designed hair mask for fine hair, moisturising hair mask for normal hair or hair mask for frizzy or damaged hair.

Discover more about our vegan hair masks and learn more about our story. For some tips on how to treat dry hair, check out our article. Additionally, if your struggling to know where to start with your hair care routine, take our hair quiz and we will advise you which products your should be using for your hair type and need.

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