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weDo/ believe that by acting all together, we will make a difference! That's why we are partnering with Plastic Bank... and you! To help fight ocean plastic while alleviating poverty. For every weDo/ product bought, 8 plastic bottles will be collected from the environment.

The plastic waste is overwhelming

but together with Plastic Bank, we are able to change that.

It's time to act
We Do Care

8 milion tonnes of plastic flow into the oceans every year

We are surrounded by 2 billion tonnes of plastic, of which 8 million tonnes flow into the oceans every year. This is a global issue we all share, so in order to solve it, we have to work together. We believe there is no better way to help make things change than partnering with Plastic Bank... and acting with you!

Plastic Bank

Plastic bank fights ocean plastic and alleviates extreme poverty by empowering disenfranchised communities to turn pollution into wealth. Collected plastic can be exchanged by local residents for money, fresh food, clean water, cellular service, cooking oil, or even school tuition for their children. Plastic Bank currently operates in Indonesia, Haiti and Philippines, Brasil and Egypt

Especially in developing nations, where the lack of disposal infrastructure and greater dependency on single-use packaging result in a disproportionate amount of pollution. Plastic Bank's Social Plastic Ecosystems provide much-needed income opportunities to the extremely improverished. Collectors are paid a Social Plastic premium in addition to the market plastic value, which ensures a stable, liveable income. Changing societies for the better, one plastic bottle at the time.

Let's go beyond!

Whenever we can, the weDo/ team is also going out to pick trash around our office and our homes. Together we will make a difference!

What impact are we making?

On average since we started this partnership, we are collecting:

15 099 x

Plastic bottles / day

This journey will only be able to continue thanks to you.Are you ready to join the weDo/journey ? #togetherwedo

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