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Reduce, Reuse, Refill: Our New weDo Refill Pouches Are Here!

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weDo Professional recyclable Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair Mask Refill Pouches

Innovation and effort towards reducing our impact on the environment is at the core of weDo/’s brand ethos. This, alongside the increasing demand from consumers to provide more sustainable solutions, has led to the introduction of our new range of eco-ethical Refill Pouches.

weDo Professional Moisture & Shine Shampoo Refill Pouch

120 billion plastic bottles are produced yearly by the beauty industry, with an estimated 552 million shampoo bottles end up in landfill every single year1. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that many brands are turning their attention to refillable solutions. Following the launch of weDo/ in 2019, many of you requested a product refilling solution, and we can now proudly announce that we are able to offer this eco-option to purchase online and in salons.

What are refill pouches?

weDo/’s refill pouches have been introduced for both salon professionals and at home use in attempt to help reduce waste, reuse plastic containers and recycle more easily. Our refill pouches use at least 80% less plastic per ml, compared to a 300ml weDo/ Professional plastic shampoo bottle. They are also recyclable and are made of 25% recycled material.

weDo Professional Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair Mask Refill Pouches on wooden bath rack

While recyclable pouches have several sustainable advantages, they also work out to be more cost effective. Our refill pouches offer +11% more volume of shampoo and conditioner and +25% more hair mask product compared to a plastic bottle or jar – so you are not only helping reduce waste, but also getting more for your money. It’s a win-win situation!

How do you use the refill pouches?

Our refill pouches are available for all of our liquid sulphate-free shampoos, silicone-free conditioners and silicone-free hair masks.

Shampoo Refills

weDo Professional Moisture & Shine Shampoo bottle being refilled with a new shampoo refill pouch

Topping up your empty weDo/ shampoo bottle with a shampoo refill pouch is easy to do at home! Do not wash the bottle before refilling and only fill the bottle with the intended hair product. Remember to close the bottle and pouch after refilling to avoid any spillage! After topping the bottle up, continue normal use of the product.

Our shampoo refill pouches are available for all three of our ranges for different hair types: Light & Soft Shampoo for fine hair, Moisture & Shine Shampoo for normal or damaged hair, and Rich & Repair Shampoo for coarse or very damaged hair.

Check out our video below and learn how to refill your empty bottles and jars:

Conditioner Refills

weDo Professional Moisture & Shine Conditioner refill pouch on shower shelf

It isn’t possible to refill your 75ml or 250ml conditioner tube at home and the conditioner refills are designed for the 900ml salon bottles only. However if you do want to refill a salon sized bottle, follow the same step-by-step as the shampoo refill.

Our conditioner refills are also available for the three hair type ranges. Make sure you opt for the Light & Soft Conditioner for fine strands, Moisture and Shine Conditioner for normal or damaged hair, and Rich & Repair Conditioner for coarse or very damaged locks.

Hair Mask Refills

weDo Professional Rich & Repair Hair Mask jar being refilled with a new hair mask refill pouch

Refilling your empty hair mask jar at home can be done just as easily as the shampoo bottle. Follow the step-by-step video above and simply rinse the jar with water and ensure it is clean and dry before refilling. Top up the jar with the intended hair mask then close the jar and refill pouch to prevent any product from leaking. After refilling, continue normal usage of the product and enjoy!

Our hair mask refill pouches are, again, available for all three hair masks which includes, Light & Soft Mask ideal for fine hair, Moisture & Shine Mask for normal or damaged hair, and Rich & Repair Mask to help nourish coarse or very dry and damaged hair.

Recharge Station

weDo/’s Recharge Station is a salon exclusive accessory, for easy use alongside our new shampoo, conditioner and hair mask refill pouches.

weDo Professional salon exclusive accessory recharge station and pump for shampoo, conditioner and hair mask refill pouches

The Recharge Station & Pump ensures an efficient and mess free exchange of pouches once empty. The custom frame is made with 92% recycled material and is suitable for Wella Company haircare pouches.

Watch the two video demonstrations below to discover everything you need to know about using the salon exclusive frame.

Learn more about Our Brand with weDo/ and discover more about how to follow an eco-ethical lifestyle through our weBlog.

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