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What Are The Benefits Of Argan Oil for Hair?

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Argan oil is a plant oil produced from the kernels of the argan tree (Argania Spinosa), also known as the ‘tree of life’. The argan tree is found primarily in Morocco, and while the oil extracted from it has been a staple culinary ingredient in Moroccan culture for centuries, only within the last ten years it has expanded globally for culinary, cosmetic and medical purposes.

Often given the nickname “liquid gold” as a result of its many already proven benefits, global sales of argan oil have soared. So, there’s no surprise that as of 2020, argan oil has had its biggest growth in demand in the cosmetics industry, where it’s being used as an ingredient in face creams, lip gloss, shampoo, moisturisers and soaps1. But what makes it so great?

Argan oil benefits for the hair and skin

Argan oil has many known health benefits, but did you know that great for your hair and skin? It’s also a relatively light oil, so can be used on most skin types and hair textures.

Moisturises and conditions

The rich essential nutrients, fatty acids and powerful antioxidants such as vitamin E, found in argan oil, have all been shown to help your hair maintain moisture, prevent dryness, tame frizzy hair and boost shine2. For more tips for dry hair and how to keep it feeling healthy and hydrated, check out our article.

Helps prevent damage from styling and colouring

The fatty acids in argan oil have a barrier effect that can help to prevent hair breakage from washing, styling and using heat, including protection from ultraviolet radiation from the sun3. Research also found that argan oil can help to repair dry and damaged hair caused by colouring processes4.

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Is argan oil in any weDo/ products?

Argan oil is one of the key ingredients in our No Plastic Shampoo that helps to support the moisturising effect of the shampoo. The No Plastic Shampoo is also sulfate-free, and comes in the form of a bar which makes it super handy to pack for travelling! To find out more about the benefits of shampoo bars, check out the guide on our weBlog.

Is argan oil sustainable?

In order to be an active participant in sustainable development, weDo/ have chosen to work with a reliable supplier who is committed to the continuous improvement of argan oil production in Morocco, guaranteeing the highest purity, traceability and freshness.

The supplier has set up a charitable organization supporting projects that aim to improve the education of children, the socio-economic development of women, and the protection of the argan forest. This organization is financed substantially by the argan oil supplier, where a percentage of the turnover is contributed for every kilo of argan oil sold.

Learn more about other ingredients that we use such as red clay, another powerhouse ingredient found in the No Plastic Shampoo.

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