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How to Tame Frizzy Hair

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No matter your hair type or style, there is one thing everyone can agree on: frizzy hair is frustrating. If your hair is prone to frizz, you’ll think of a rainy day as your worst enemy, and you won’t find a tropical beach holiday particularly relaxing. So, what can you do to tame frizzy hair?
First, we need to understand what causes it to happen...

What causes frizzy hair?

Your hair frizzes when it doesn’t get enough moisture. If it’s dry or damaged, due to chemical treatments for example, the outer layer of the hair (the cuticle) opens up, letting in the moisture. So, when you step outside in high humidity, the hair will absorb that moisture, leaving your hair fluffy like cotton candy.
Frizz occurs more in curly or wavy hair because these types of hair are prone to dryness. So read onto discover tips on how you can keep frizz at bay, and for those blessed with natural curls, how to make them more defined.

How to get rid of frizz

There is no “one size fits all” solution to get rid of frizz because it all depends on your hair type. Fine, straight hair will need different products to curly or wavy hair. Here’s how to start:

1. Use sulphate-free shampoo

Taming frizzy hair starts in the shower, so it’s important to pick products that will not only cleanse the hair, but are also gentle and will maintain the moisture of the hair. Our Our Moisture & Shine shampoo is ideal for damaged hair because it’s formulated with moisturising, gentle ingredients and is a sulphate-free shampoo.
You can also read our dedicated guide to learn more about switching to sulphate-free products here.

2. Condition, condition, condition

Using conditioner when dealing with frizzy hair is a must. By applying conditioner, the cuticles of the hair will close and keep the moisture in, so your hair will stay smooth. Look for conditioners formulated with moisturizing ingredients such as our Moisture & Shine conditioner. It is the perfect conditioner for shiny hair and is ideal for hydrating normal or slightly damaged locks.

If you have straight, make sure to apply conditioner only on the lengths and ends. Curly hair can benefit from applying the conditioner all the way to the roots though.


3. Use a moisturizing hair mask

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To make sure you keep your hair nourished, apply a deep conditioning silicone free hair mask once a week. Our Moisture & Shine mask contains murumuru butter that intensely nourish the hair leaving it soft, shiny and reduces frizz. Or, if you are looking for an extra boost of care, Nourishing Night Hair Cream is an overnight leave-in mask with cupuacu butter that works its magic whilst you sleep. Alternatively, if you have thin or fine hair, try using our hair mask for fine hair to keep whispy and frizzy strands at bay.

4. Apply hair oil on your ends

If the hair is dry and you still notice frizz, applying a nourishing hair oil on the ends is a great way to smooth the hair and tame the frizz. Not only will the oil leave the hair shiny, but it will also smooth the cuticle and penetrate the hair better. weDo/'s Natural Oil is a silicone free hair oil, made up of a combination of deeply nourishing oils and is great for tackling split ends and taming flyaways. For some more tips for dry hair, check out our article on how to properly care for it and prevent damage.

5. Brush properly

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To detangle the hair gently, start from the lengths and move upwards to the roots. When the hair is wet, it’s also more fragile, so use a gentle detangling brush or simply use your fingers to avoid pulling the hair too much. For extra detangling help, spritz some weDo/ Detangler Spray through your hair first. You can also apply Moisturising Day Cream cream to your damp or dry hair, especially if your hair is curly.

Other tips to tame frizzy hair

To make sure you minimize any risk of frizz, there are a few other habits you can adopt. For example, washing your hair with really hot water can also make it dry, so lower the temperature when taking a shower. 
Once you hop out of the shower you then might be inclined to pick up a towel and start rubbing your hair. This can lead to frizz so gently pat your hair instead, and use a soft cotton t-shirt instead of a rough towel. 
Try air drying your hair as much as possible, because using heat styling tools too much will damage the hair, and lead to frizz. If you are going to blow dry your hair, always make sure you point the heat down the hair strand. And if you have curly hair, always use a diffuser when drying the hair.

Taming frizzy hair requires a bit of patience, but by caring for your hair with gentler products formulated with natural ingredients like our macadamia oil or murumuru butter, your hair will soon recover its shine and smoothness.

Read more about the hero ingredients in our weDo products and how they can help nourish the hair.

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