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Your Guide to Shampoo Bars

by wedo_act


close up of weDo No Plastic Shampoo Bar

We believe that a small habit change can have a big impact, so simply changing a few steps in your beauty routine can lead to living a more sustainable life. A great place to start would be our hair washing ritual by occasionally swapping liquid shampoo for a shampoo bar.

A shampoo bar made from 86% natural origin ingredients will clean hair in a more sustainable and ethical way. Here’s everything you need to know to ditch that bottle and start using the bar:

What makes shampoo bars so great

1. They’re environmentally friendly

As we’re becoming more and more aware about harming the planet, environmentally friendly products are also becoming more popular and diverse. There has been a rise in plastic free cosmetic products and riding high on this wave is the all mighty shampoo bar.

Our shampoo bar comes in  recycled & recyclable cardboard package, so you’re doing the planet some good by reducing plastic bottle waste.

2. They’re travel friendly

We’ve all been through the drama of packing our cosmetic products when flying just with cabin luggage. Swapping your regular shampoo bottle for a small shampoo bar not only will free up space for other face/body/hair essentials, but will also be easy to store in your luggage and there’s no risk of leaks either. It will also be easier to pack them in your gym bag.

3. They’re packed with natural origin ingredients

Less money spent on plastic packaging means more money invested in ingredients. Our shampoo bars contain 86% natural origin ingredients that rinse easily and leave the hair well cleansed.

4. They can last longer

Shampoo bars can last up to 80 washes which is the equivalent of about 2-3 bottles of liquid shampoo.  
They’re more concentrated because they are formulated without water (unlike your liquid shampoo) so you won’t need that much product. You’re unlikely to run out of shampoo any time soon!

5. They’re gentle to your skin

The shampoo bar is mild and gentle to the skin (hands and scalp) because it has a skin compatible pH. It is also dermatologically tested.

Furthermore the shampoo bar has a fragrance that we call “clean label fragrance”. This fragrance is specifically designed with an extremely low level of allergens.

close up of weDo No Plastic Shampoo Bar in wooden branded box

How do you use a shampoo bar

It might seem counterintuitive to use a solid product on your hair if you haven’t before, but washing your hair with a shampoo bar is as easy as 1, 2, 3. 
So, step in the shower and: 

  1. Lather up the bar under water and rub it between your hands until it softly foams.
  2. Run your hands through your hair, massaging the scalp to get the lather into the roots and through the lengths. You can also rub the bar directly on the hair to lather – you’ll get a nice massage at the same time.
  3. Rinse and repeat if you like to shampoo twice.

That doesn’t sound hard now, does it?

Dry your hair with a towel until damp and you can condition it after with any suitable weDo conditioner or leave-in product. If you have healthy hair, one alternative is to condition your hair and boost your hair shine rinsing it with a mix of a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to 500 ml of water. Affordable and natural!

close up of girl looking at the weDo No Plastic Shampoo Bar

Is there a transition period?

Your hair might need some time adjusting to this new type of sulphate free product. After the first few washes, your hair might feel and look slightly different, but this will change soon. 

Just keep using the shampoo bar and your hair will soon feel and look healthy.

Find out more about our natural origin shampoo bar and our range of sustainable products that will make your hair feel simply amazing. 

close up of hands lathering the weDo No Plastic Shampoo Bar

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