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Why Is Macadamia Oil Good for Your Hair?

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Image of macadamia nuts, one of the hero ingredients in weDo/ products

Macadamia nuts are great to eat. Many enjoy them as a tasty treat, either on their own, or sprinkled on the top of an acai bowl or in a cake, but did you know that the oil extracted from the nuts also has great benefits for your hair? Continue reading to find out everything you need to know about the nut derived ingredient and which weDo/ products you can find it in.

Image of cracked open macadamia nuts, one of the hero ingredients used in weDo/ products

What is macadamia oil and where does it comes from?

Macadamia oil is extracted from a nut that grows on the Macadamia tree, originating in Australia. It is clear and light in colour with a slight yellowy appearance. Unlike coconut oil, it remains liquid at room temperature1.

Hundreds of years ago native aborigines of Australia would mix the oils from the nut with ochre and clay to create paints to draw tribal symbols on their bodies. Today, many people around the world enjoy eating the nuts for their sweet and rich flavour.

Once the nuts are cracked open, it can be cold pressed and crushed, releasing the oil. In recent years macadamia oil has been a hero ingredient in a number of beauty products such as hair masks, body lotions and moisturizers. It has also been found to provide nourishment and boost the manageability of hair.

Image of macadamia nuts and macadamia oil, an ingredient used in weDo/’s hero products

Benefits of macadamia oil for the hair

Macadamia oil is known for its moisturising and conditioning properties for the hair as well as increasing hair manageability and that all important shine. Benefits for the hair include:

Frizz control

Dealing with frizzy hair is often a result of having a certain hair type. However, unexpected frizz can also be a sign that your hair is craving a deep conditioning treatment. Macadamia oil has a deeply nourishing effect that may help to combat frizz, so by including it in your hair care routine you just might help to keep that frizz at bay.

Image of model with textured naturally curly hair type smiling in the sun

Conditioning split ends

Split ends are a common problem, often down to the fact that the ends of your hair have become dry and brittle, due to various reasons like chemical treatments like hair colouring or heat damage. To help with damage control, try using weDo/’s Natural Oil on the ends of your hair. Its nourishing and strengthening properties are perfect for tackling those split ends and it can even double up as a body oil to keep your skin feeling silky soft!

Image of weDo/’s Natural Oil, a hero product that contains macadamia oil as an ingredient

Combatting tangled hair

Coarse, dry and damaged hair can tangle easily, which is often a sign that it needs some extra TLC and added moisture. Macadamia oil has great conditioning and smoothing properties, so try using detangling products that contain the ingredient, like weDo/’s Detangling Spray. Your hair will be left feeling soft, smooth and manageable.

Image of weDo/’s Detangling Spray, a hero product that contains macadamia oil as an ingredient

Learn more about other ingredients used in our products such as argan oil, another nut derived powerhouse ingredient found in our No Plastic Shampoo.

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