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The 4 Rules of Looking After Natural Curly Hair

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After years of straightening hair using heat styling tools or permanent chemical treatments, natural curly hair girls are embracing their texture, and are looking for defined and bouncy waves, spirals ringlets. But curly hair is notorious for being unpredictable and harder to manage because there’s no one specific formula that suits everyone. 
Due to its shape, curly hair is often naturally dry because the scalp’s natural oils can’t slide down the hair strands to add a coat of hydration. It’s also more prone to frizz and difficult to detangle than straight hair. So finding the magic routine for your curls might require a bit of experimentation. 
Soft, bouncy curls that are well defined and manageable are achieved through the right care level and product richness. There are different types of curls, from wavy to curly, coily or kinky, so knowing your own type of curl is the first step in nailing your curly hair care routine. Generally, the curlier the hair, the higher the nourishment level should be. 
But we are here to help and we have some advice to share, so keep reading to learn how to find that perfect natural curly hair care routine.

How to care for your curls

1. Choose the right shampoo

The first step in any routine is obviously cleansing, and curly haired people need to be especially careful when it comes to shampoo. Curly hair needs a gentle cleanser such as our weDo shampoos because they are formulated without any sulphates, using natural-origin cleansing ingredients instead that also lightly condition, leaving the hair soft and smooth. 
For non-wash days, mists or sprays are great for refreshing the curls, which makes our Detangle Spray fit for the job. Spray it on, and once the hair gets slightly damp, you can scrunch it in and refresh the curl shape. 

2. Conditioning is key

Curly hair needs moisture so conditioning is very important in the routine. Once your hair is clean, tap-dry it first before applying the conditioner – this way the hair gets the most out of the treatment.  Conditioner also helps detangle the hair, so you shouldn’t miss this step if you want to be knot-free. Here’s a tip: use your fingers to detangle your curls before going in with a comb. It’s gentler and minimises the hair lost when detangling. 
Every now and then pamper your hair with an intense treatment. Our Moisture & Shine mask is deeply nourishing and also leaves the hair frizz-free and extra shiny.

3. Boost moisture with leave-in products

Your hair is now clean and conditioned, but it can still use some extra moisture. Leave-in products are great for any type of hair, but they are especially recommended for curly hair because they help the curl definition and to tame frizzy hair. Our leave-in cream, Moisturising Day Cream, is not just moisturising, but it will also make your hair more manageable. Apply on damp hair after washing and scrunch the curls with your fingers.

For hair that’s thicker and needs richer care, like the coily or tight coily  type, oil is a great leave-in product. Our Natural Oil is a blend of macadamia, avocado and almond oil, all rich and nourishing oils that leave the hair smooth and frizz-free.

4. Be gentle with your hair

Natural curls are prone to breakage more than straight hair, so it’s important to be gentle.  Don’t rub your wet hair with a towel after washing, but tap it instead. If you can, replace your towel, that can be harsh, with an old, cotton t-shirt instead. This way you are also giving your old clothes a new use (wink-wink). 
When the hair is still damp, comb it gently with a wide-tooth comb, and then apply your leave-in product. Brush the hair from the bottom-up, to avoid pushing the knots on top of each other.
If possible, let the hair dry naturally rather than using heat, but if you must use dry it with heat, make sure to apply heat protection.  Also, switch to a diffuser nozzle to help minimize frizz, but don’t blast the hair at maximum heat. Leave it on medium heat and dry from the scalp to the ends.
When you go to bed, put your hair in a top bun, so the curls don’t “rub” against the pillow during the night. The friction can lead to more knots and tangles. Using a silky satin pillowcase can also prevent this, so is putting your bun in a hair wrap, a scarf or a durag.

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