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How to Make a Difference this World Cleanup Day

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Excessive waste and the disposal of rubbish continues to be a huge problem across the globe, with plastic bags, plastic bottles and rubbish polluting our streets, beaches and oceans. As low and zero waste  have become increasingly familiar terms in recent years, World Cleanup Day provides the perfect opportunity to further create awareness around the world and bring communities together to collectively help save the planet.

Continue reading to learn all about World Cleanup Day, including why it’s so important and what you can do to get involved on the day.

What is World Cleanup Day?

World Cleanup Day is the world’s largest one-day civic action, bringing together 50 million people from over 180 countries, in an attempt to fight against the global waste crisis for a more sustainable future. It will be celebrated on 17th September 2022 this year, and since 2018 it has united millions of people across the globe for the biggest waste clean-up in history.

Image of tropical beach littered with rubbish from the ocean

The day isn’t only about the clean-up of our streets, beaches, oceans and forests, but also symbolises the coming together of individuals, governments, corporations and organisations from around the world with one united vision: to protect our planet and make it a better place for generations to come.

Why is the day so important?

Every year over 8 million tonnes of plastic is dumped into our oceans on top of the 150 million tonnes that is currently there. When waste and rubbish is openly dumped on our streets, beaches and in our oceans, it starts to decompose and let off harmful chemicals into the atmosphere, leaving a negative impact on the air we breathe.

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It can also be a major threat to surrounding habitats and ecosystems, as well as being deadly to the wildlife that live there. For example, a study discovered that 100% of baby sea turtles were found to have plastic in their stomachs.

Along with other environmental days such as World Oceans Day and Earth Day, World Cleanup Day aims to raise awareness of the mismanaged waste crisis across the globe and the critical impact it has on our environment. It is an important day of action and the perfect time for everyone to collectively join efforts and urgently help protect our planet.

What can people do to join the movement?

If you’re keen to get involved on the day there are a few things you can do to help make a difference, however big or small. From taking part in a local clean-up to organising a fundraising event, find some inspiration on how you can help below.

Organise a local clean-up

Taking part in a clean-up is perhaps the most practical thing you can do on World Cleanup Day to get involved. You can organise an official clean-up via the World Cleanup Day website by registering your organisation or as an individual. Alternatively, you can look for local initiatives in your area and join existing events.

Organise a fundraising event

Image of clean-up volunteers on World Clean-up Day

Let’s Do It World is the international organisation that founded World Clean Up Day and the charity behind the movement. To help fund the organisation and help make a change, you can either donate directly to Let’s Do It World on the donation page, or better still, why not start a fundraiser with your friends and family as a fun way to raise money?

Ideas could include a cake sale, sponsored run or even a charity car boot sale. Whatever you do, just remember to clean up after yourself once you finish. All donations you make will go towards supporting the charity and help minimise the international waste crisis.

What are weDo/ doing to help celebrate the day?

Helping to fight the global plastic crisis has always been a priority for weDo/, and as a sustainable brand, minimising waste has always been at the forefront of our brand ethos. In light of this, our partnership with Plastic Bank promises that for every weDo/ product bought, 8 plastic bottles will be collected from the environment. This partnership continues throughout the year, so check out our commitment page to keep up-to-date on everything that’s going on.

Learn more about Our Brand with weDo/ and discover more about how to follow an eco-ethical lifestyle through our weBlog.

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