Phoebe Dynevor teams up with weDo/ to act for positive change

Dynevor has been announced as weDo/ Professional’s first ever Advocate for Positive Change


Phoebe Dynevor, the British actress best known for her role in Netflix’s BRIDGERTON, unites with the eco-ethical brand weDo/ Professional to spread a new message of positive change, offering new ways to care for hair and the planet. 
As the brand’s first ever Advocate for Positive Change, Phoebe will work with the brand to call for more sustainable haircare routines while highlighting the importance of acting together to reduce our impact on the environment.

As Phoebe puts it: ‘It’s more than a brand, it’s a mindset; a call to action; a community.’ 


“I am so excited to represent the weDo/
Professional haircare brand and I can’t wait
for you guys to come on this journey with
me. It’s vegan, it’s sustainable and it’s
made of natural ingredients that make my
hair look and feel amazing. And, on top of that,
every product sold removes 8 plastic bottles from
 Phoebe Dynevor 


weDo/ Professional is determined to make a positive impact on the beauty industry and the planet.  Alongside this, weDo/ has partnered with the social enterprise Plastic Bank, committing to remove 8 plastic bottles from entering the ocean t for every product sold. This collaboration has already stopped over 10 million plastic bottles to date, with that number rising all the time. 


“Using products which are made with natural ingredients is a game changer. And what I love about weDo/ is that they have managed to make great impact go hand in hand with strong product performance. That’s a win-win” Phoebe Dynevor





Start Your Transition to Natural Hair Care: Vegan, Recyclable, Gentle



Phoebe Dynevor encourages all #weDoers to transition to gentle hair-cleansing; our team of experts has developed weDo/’s vegan hair care products with technologies that work differently from industry-standard formulas.
The first technology is a sulfate-free cleansing formula that makes shampoos particularly gentle and optimizes scalp pH. The second is a silicone-free coating formula which makes our hair masks and conditioners effective by naturally enveloping the hair fiber with olive oil derivates. A short transition period is necessary to feel the full benefits of these formulas. Once the transition is completed, #weDoers will have a gentler and more natural haircare routine. 


“Moving to natural haircare products
comes with a different experience and new
experiences are always exciting. Washing
my hair with sulfate-free shampoo, my hair
always feels soft. It took me a couple of
washes to get used to, but now I would never
go back.” 
Phoebe Dynevor



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