Known as pharmacy in a plant

Cupuaçu (pronounced coo-poo-a-soo) Butter is a common plant from the Amazon basin and is the national fruit of Brazil. Known as the 'pharmacy in a fruit', for hundreds of years it has been a  remedy for many aliments. The plant smells like pineapple and chocolate and it's juices taste like pear, banana, melon and passion fruit. It is now used in snack bars, ice creams and other sweet treats.

Nourishment & manageability

Not just a sweet treat? After picking the kernels from the fruit, we place them in a Hydraulic Press (cold press) to extract the butter. By keeping the extraction at a low temperature, we retain the beneficial acids of the butter like Vitamin C. This provides nourishment and manageability to hair.

Cupuaçu Butter is our hero ingredient in our Nourishing Night Cream and our Rich & Repair mask.

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