Cassava Root

Cassava Root

Cassava Root

Cassava is a root vegetable and is the underground part of the cassava shrub. It is mainly found in Brazil and Paraguay, but also harvested in Thailand, and follows a traditional schedule of spring planting, summer growth and fall harvest.

The tapioca starch contained in cassava roots has been used as an herbal remedy as a sores treatment for skin and it is also used in developing countries to fight dehydration. Nowadays it is used as a gluten-free thickening agent in the nutritional industry. It is also known for its deeply moisturizing properties which supports easier hair manageability and shine.

Our cassava roots at weDo/ are fermented, which is an efficient self-sterilizing mechanism, to remove residual cyanide that is naturally presented in the plant. This allows for the ingredient to be used safely. The fermentation also aids in hydrolyzing the starch down to a lower molecular weight fraction, resulting in enhanced bioavailability of the active.

Our naturally-activated cassava root is one of the hero ingredients in our Rich & Repair Shampoo, Rich & Repair Conditioner, and Rich & Repair Hair Mask. This product line is ideal for coarse of very damaged hair, and leaves the hair feeling smooth and easy to manage.

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