Bamboo leaf water

Bamboo leaf water

Fast growing & renewable

Giant Bamboo aka Giant Cane is native to south-central and eastern states in the U.S. For hundreds of years The Cherokee, Seminole and Choctaw tribes have had many uses for the plant; using it for fish traps, sleeping mats and even medicinal purposes. Today, the giant bamboo stem is a staple renewable resource in North American argiculture.

Grown for its strong stems

When bamboo is grown for the stems  by wood and textile industries, the leaves are stripped and often wasted. These leaves still have value, and it was a chance to turn a wasteful situation into an opportunity. The leaves that would otherwise be thrown away, are taken and pressed to retrieve bamboo leaf water.
Our Bamboo Lead Water comes entirely from upcycled wood and textile by-products, is naturally activated, and is the hero ingredient in our Light & Soft line, Spread Happiness, Detangle and Scalp Refresh.

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