Meet the Team

We are a small group of people within Wella Company united by a common passion for sustainability. We are kind yet tenacious and came together to act and push for positive change within the company by challenging the way we innovate, looking at our impact first. We know we still have a long journey ahead of us but we commit to always challenge ourselves and keep improving. We are now also helping the rest of the professional Wella team to improve its eco-ethical profile too. Where there is a will there is a way!

  • Antoine & Pierre

    The eco-ethical activists

    Spending their free time with environmental NGOs to fight for animal rights, protect wildlife and the environment. Sometimes annoyingly insistent when it comes to veganism, carbon footprint and waste management! But always with a smile. Our beloved safeguards against compromise.

  • Toni & Kathrin

    Our experienced scientific heroes

    Cumulating over 50 years experience, they are using their scientific minds to make the impossible possible, relentlessly working on making our product formulas better and better everyday. They have invented our famous new silicone and sulfate free patented technologies!

  • Riikka

    Our hairdresser expert.

    Riikka is Finnish, has passion for hair, professional care products, and sustainability. Kind, committed and creative, Riikka knows a million tips on beautiful healthy looking hair!

  • AnnMarie & Hauke

    Our Packaging magic duo.

    Mixing experience, passion and fresh knowledge on sustainable packaging technologies, AnnMarie and Hauke are making wonders together. A fantastic way to Act Kind Togerher :-)

Looking to learn more about the people behind the scenes?

Beyond the idea of “natural,” we wanted the brand to be as responsible and holistic as possible. We strived to achieve this by not only looking at composition and quality of ingredients but also by looking at packaging sustainability, animal welfare, and overall human impact. This is what we mean by eco-ethical.