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What Is Hair Mist and Why Should You Use It?

by wedo_act



Who doesn’t love that feeling of freshly washed hair, all soft and fragrant? And who wouldn’t like that feeling and fragrance to last into the next day as well? Well, if you find yourself spritzing your locks with your day-to-day perfume in order to make your hair feel fresher and leave a fragrant trail, you might want to switch to a dedicated hair mist.


Spraying perfume through your locks on a regular basis might cause your hair to become dry and damaged because common perfumes are designed to be sprayed on the skin and not on the hair. Also, if you are trying to prevent your hair from getting greasy, avoid spritzing perfume in the hair because the oils in it might speed up that process.

Why should you use a hair and body mist?

A hair mist is basically a specially formulated perfume for your hair that can refresh it in between washes. But even though these mists are created for the hair, some are also great for the skin.


Having a bathroom cluttered with beauty products is not a sustainable routine. This is one of the reasons we’ve created dual-purpose products that are good for your hair and body, as well as the planet. By using products designed to have multiple benefits you also reduce the waste that follows. We’ve also committed that for every bottle of weDo/ products you buy we will eliminate 8 plastic bottles from the environment together with our partner Plastic Bank.


Our Spread Happiness Hair & Body Mist can be used on your hair as well as your skin. It’s formulated with 98% natural origin ingredients, such as bamboo-leaf water, and its invigorating scent will instantly lift your mood. Our mist has weDo’s signature fragrance, which opens with sparkling and zesty grapefruit notes and petit grain accents. The dewy floral smell of cyclamen and muguets is blended with bright and crisp marine notes, and orris and musky notes add smoothness and sophistication.


Our fragrance is also a ”Clean Label fragrance” meaning it has an extremely low level of allergens so it can be used by those with allergies to certain fragrances.

Wearing a body mist is a great option if you don’t want to sport a strong scent like perfume, but still want to feel refreshed and like you’ve just stepped out the shower.

How do you use a hair mist?

Unlike other hair care products, hair mist does not have any special application tips. All you need to do is spritz it on dry hair from approx. 20 cm distance, around your roots and then a bit on your strands too. Then, just let the fragrance overtake you… Want to use it on your body? Spray it on your pulse points to make the scent last longer, just as you would with perfume.


There are a few situations when a hair mist can really be your best friend. For example, if you are going swimming and are dreading the lingering chlorine smell, just spritz some hair mist after you are done. Your hair will be instantly refreshed and fragrant.

A hair mist also comes in handy when you work out. If you don’t want to wash your hair after a sweaty workout but still want to feel refreshed, you can spray a touch of hair mist before you start, and your hair will smell nice and fresh throughout the workout and after. Then, once you are out of the shower, spray some on your body to keep that fresh feeling for longer.
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Learn more about which vegan hair products you should be using with this weDo/ hair quiz. Discover the perfect hair care routine for your hair type and hair concerns.Keep in touch with weDo/ by following us on Instagram and Tik Tok for advice on sustainable beauty, tips on how to use our products and overall joy.

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