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Why You Should Use a Hair Cream & Other Leave-In Products in Your Hair Care Routine

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Just like our skin, our hair and scalp need nourishment and moisture to keep them looking and feeling healthy. Shampoo and conditioner are the back bone of our hair care routine, but have you thought about adding a leave-in product into the mix for some extra TLC? Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about hair cream and other leave-in products and discover how to use them in your regime.

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What is hair cream and how is different to a hair mask?

A hair cream is a leave-in styling cream that helps manage the hair while providing it with nourishment and moisture. The main difference between a hair cream and a hair mask is that the former is a leave-in product, meaning that it typically has a lighter consistency than a hair mask. Hair masks are much thicker and are designed to be washed out after few minutes of development time in the shower. Simply think of a hair cream as the equivalent of a moisturiser for your face, and a hair mask as a moisturising face mask that you would wipe or rinse off – we use both, but for different reasons and with different application methods.

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What are the benefits of using a hair cream?

Hair creams and hair masks have similar benefits in that they are both designed to nourish and moisturise the hair, helping to keep it manageable. However since hair creams can be left in the hair,  they also help to smooth down the stands and prevent it from becoming static during the styling process or during the day, specifically when caring for your hair in winter – something we all need now and then on a bad hair day. They can also increase definition on naturally curly hair and help keep those ringlets looking bouncy and full. Hair creams don’t have styling polymers in them, so do not have the same firming properties as hair wax and gels, however they can help to combat frizz, manage the hair and prevent it from becoming static, keeping it feeling soft and silky smooth.

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How do you use a hair cream in your routine?

Just like any other leave-in product, hair creams should be applied to wet hair after it’s been washed with a shampoo and conditioner (that are ideally sulphate-free and silicone-free). They can also be used as an add-on product in between washes for coarse hair to increase smoothness and give definition. However, if you have fine or normal hair it may be best to avoid applying the product to dry locks as it could be too heavy for your strands.

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What ingredients should you look out for in leave-in products?

When shopping for a hair cream or other leave-ins, always try to look out for products that are made with natural-origin ingredients. Looking out for hair products that are silicone-free is also a good option if you want to stay away from synthetic ingredients and opt for a product that is more biodegradable. All our leave-in products at weDo/ are silicone free and formulated with up to 99.4% natural origin ingredients, so go and check them out!

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Which leave-in products should I be using for my hair type?

No matter your hair type, weDo/ offers a number of leave-in products that will help to nourish and moisturise your strands. Our Moisturising Day Cream and Nourishing Night Cream are the ‘must haves’ here and we are sure you will be impressed by the silky smooth finish your hair will have after using them. The Day Cream also has dual-usage formula, meaning that it can also be used as hand cream – it’s a double win!

If you have fine hair and you’re looking for a lighter leave-in product, then the Detangle Spray is a great option to spritz on freshly washed hair as it’s much lighter than a cream. It will help to manage tangles while providing your hair with a touch of shine. On the other end of the spectrum, if you’re looking for a ‘heavier’ product for very coarse or damaged hair, then check out our Natural Oil, a silicone free hair oil that instantly nourishes the hair making it look more glossy. Because it is based on natural oils, it is extremely rich, so make sure you use it sparingly and only apply it to the mid lengths and ends.

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If you’re struggling to know where to start with your hair care routine or which leave-ins you should be using, then check out our hair quiz and we’ll advise you on which vegan hair products will best suit your hair type and hair concerns. Additionally, discover more tips and advice for all types of hair concerns on our weBlog.

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