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Why You Should Add Natural Hair Oils to Your Care Routine

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Natural oils have been used in hair and skin care formulations for decades, but it’s only until recently that many of us have been open to using pure oils in our beauty routine without the fear of getting oily skin or greasy hair. This was a common misconception, when in fact natural oils have multiple benefits for both our hair and skin, making them a great multi-purpose beauty staple.


Natural oils can be found either as an ingredient in part of a care formula (for example in shampoos, conditioners and hair masks) or as a standalone leave-in product. The latter is commonly used at the end of a hair care routine to boost nourishment and add shine to the hair. Continue reading to find everything you need to know about natural oils and how they can be incorporated into your hair care routine.

weDo/ Professionals Natural Oil, Protect Balm, and Detangle Spray

What’s the difference between natural oils and synthetic oils?

Natural oils are oils that have not been processed (i.e. made in a lab) and have been sourced from a plant, seed, fruit or flower by pressing or extracting. Synthetic oils are typically mixtures of various ingredients, based on silicones, which are known for their smoothing properties. While silicones are found in many hair and beauty products (on INCI shown for example as Dimethicone), weDo/ has chosen to make their hair care products silicone-free, making them more natural with biodegradable ingredients.


It’s important to note that natural oils as a standalone product are very rich compared ‘traditional synthetic silicone-based oils. If you’re using them as a leave-in product, it’s advised that you use the product sparingly. Start with one drop at a time and only add more if needed, otherwise you could risk weighing down the hair and making it look greasy.

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What are the benefits of natural oils for your hair?

Different natural oils provide different benefits for your hair and skin, but in general they are used for their nourishing and moisturising properties. They provide smoothness, manageability and ultimate shine to the hair and are an ingredient that everyone should try to include somewhere in the hair care routine.


Macadamia oil is one of our favourite natural oils as it penetrates inside the hair (proven by microscopic tests), nourishing it deeply and providing increased manageability for the hair. This can be found in our Natural Oil and Detangle Spray and is great for helping to combat knots and frizz!

Another hero ingredient we use in our products is castor oil. Its benefits include sealing and conditioning the hair strands, protecting them against split ends. This ingredient is found in our Protect Balm and is not only great for the hair, but works wonders on dry lips too!

Macadamia oil, one of the hero ingredients in weDo/’s Natural Oil and Detangle Spray

When should natural hair oil be used in your routine?

As previously mentioned, it’s very common for hair care products to contain natural oils as an ingredient, so it’s likely that you are using them in multiple steps of your routine without knowing it. For example, instead of using silicones in our conditioners and hair masks we use derivatives of olive oil to achieve smoothing properties.


If you’re thinking about using a natural hair oil as a leave-in product, this should be applied at the end of your care routine. weDo/’s Natural Oil is a hair and body oil that contains five natural oils: macadamia oil, sunflower seed oil, avocado oil, camellia seed oil and sweet almond oil. It is 99.4% natural and only its fragrance is synthetic. Simple add a drop on to freshly washed hair that is slightly damp and comb through. It can also be used on dry hair as a finishing product to nourish split ends. If you’re using it on dry locks, then use the product even more sparingly to avoid weighing the hair down.


Another top tip if you want to make an extra nourishing treatment: mix a drop of the Natural Oil with your favourite hair mask, then apply and let it sit before rinsing it out. The result will be soft and silky locks that smell delicious!

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What’s more, the Natural Oil is one of our ‘hybrid’ products, which means it can also be used to nourish and pamper your skin as well as your hair. Simply apply to your body after having a bath or shower and notice how it absorbs to make your skin feel silky soft.

Can natural oils be used on every hair type?

Natural oils are often extremely rich, so you should only use them as a leave-in product if your hair is coarser or particularly dry and damaged. Having said that, some of our hair care products that are specially designed for medium and fine hair types contain natural oils as an ingredient. The Light & Soft No Plastic Shampoo is a shampoo bar formulated with organic olive oil, designed to make fine hair soft and silky without weighing it down. Argan oil is another natural oil that is found in the Moisture & Shine No Plastic Shampoo, leaving it soft, vibrant and moisturised.

weDo/’s Moisture & Shine No Plastic Shampoo and Light & Soft No Plastic Shampoo bars.

If you can’t decide what oils you should be using or where to start with your hair care routine, then check out our hair quiz and we’ll advise you on which vegan hair products will best suit your hair type and hair concerns. Additionally, discover more tips and advice for all types of hair concerns on our weBlog.

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