Purify No Plastic Shampoo Bar for Oily Scalp and Hair

Purify No Plastic Shampoo Bar for Oily Scalp and Hair

This shampoo bar is created specifically for oily scalp and hair. It cleanses effectively your hair and scalp with a light exfoliating effect, while leaving the hair feeling smooth and lightly conditioned. Formulated with apricot kernels, a natural scrub with a light exfoliating effect for the body and the scalp & natural mineral white clay, sourced from France, helping to absorb sebum and impurities. The Purify No Plastic Shampoo is Vegan Society certified & Cruelty Free International approved and is made with 99.8% biodegradable ingredients*. These nourishing ingredients make the bar great for the hair, and the body.


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  • Vegan Society certified & Cruelty Free International approved
  • 99.8% biodegradable ingredients*
  • With natural origin ingredients
  • Coloured hair friendly
  • Minimalist formula
  • Formulated without sulphates, silicones and artificial dyes
  • Can last up to 80 washes
  • Dermatologically tested
  • FSC Certified Cardboard made from 100% recycled material and is recyclable

*Based on the mass of ingredients that are relevant for biodegradation and when disposed in a sewer connect to a wastewater treatment plant

Dermatologically Tested

Assessed under supervision of a dermatologist to a very good level of tolerability to skin.

*We calculate the natural origin content of our products following a norm called ISO standard 16128-1+2. It sounds technical, but it just means that the natural origin ingredients are unchanged from the natural state or have a natural source and undergo some processing – but importantly the ingredients retain more than 50% of its original natural structure from the original plant or mineral source.

/ Did you know ?

weDo/ products contain between 86% to 99.7% natural origin ingredients, depending on the products. Rest are synthetic ingredients necessary to ensure the right preservation and high quality in-use performance. Furthermore, our weDo / Professional line has a specially designed synthetic clean fragrance to keep the level of allergens on an extremely low level.

Transitioning to natural hair care image

Transitioning to natural haircare

Transitioning to natural products comes with a different experience, in terms of application and hair feel. Scalp and hair will need to get used to the milder and gentler cleansing in the beginning. It might take a few washes - usually 2-3 weeks - to adjust and the good news is that hair is nurtured, smooth and easy to comb.

2 out of 3 US consumers agreed that they love the way weDo/ products make their hair look and feel.*

3 out of 5 US consumers agreed that the weDo/ products perform so well, they can’t believe that they are natural. *

(Consumer usage test, 120 women (natural and non-natural haircare users, 3 weeks, USA, June 2021 with weDo/ shampoos, conditioners, and masks)​

/ How To Use


Wet hair. Wet the bar and rub it on your hands until it lathers, then massage into your scalp and hair.
Or rub the bar directly on wet hair. Rinse.

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