Red Clay

Red Clay

Gives the lush reddish colour

Clay has been used for thousands of years to treat injuries, soothe pains, heal wounds, strengthen the body’s defences, disinfect, cleanse and beautify. While clay is used a lot for pharmaceutical industries and clay therapy, weDo/ have found a use for red clay as an absorbent and bulking agent in hair care. The clay is a hero ingredient in our No Plastic Shampoo and is the reason the bar has its lush reddish colour.

Only from naturally mined sources

Our red clay is a 100% natural mineral clay mined in France and is rich in iron  Consists of mainly illite clay with a bit of kaolin clay. Once mined, the red clay is treated mechanically (no chemicals!) before then being crushed and dried. Finally, the resulting powder grains are sorted through an innovative and sophisticated process: a selection by induction.
Our Red Clay is one of the hero ingredients in our No Plastic Shampoo .

Bowl of red clay, one of weDo's hero ingredients
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