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What’s So Good About Sweet Almond Oil?

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We all know that the almond is a nutritional powerhouse, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that almond oil is just as great, providing benefits for your overall health as well as your skin and hair. The oil has been used for wellness and beauty for centuries thanks to its high concentration of unsaturated fats and vitamin E.

Since this is a nut-derived oil, we’d recommend doing a small patch test before applying any almond oil – or sweet almond oil, or products using it. Even though you might think you’re not allergic, it’s best to take this safety step before you enjoy your lush oil.

What is the difference between almond oil and sweet almond oil?

There is a difference between sweet almond oil and regular almond oil (also known as bitter almond oil). Sweet almond oil is a fixed oil, or a carrier oil, meaning it will not evaporate. Bitter almond oil is an essential oil, which is volatile and does evaporate. Bitter almond oil is generally used in beauty products for its scent.

The properties of sweet almond oil make it better suited for more practical use. For example, it’s a great lubricant and works well on sensitive and dry skin.

Sweet almond oil for the hair

The moisturising properties of sweet almond oil also make it a great ingredient for your hair. It conditions, adds shine, makes hair easier to comb and smoothens it. It can also protect hair against damage and prevent split ends. Our Protect Balm comes with sweet almond oil used to seal split ends and protect them from further damage. Just remember that a little goes a long way so just take a tiny amount with your fingers and work it through the ends.

Sweet almond oil for the skin

Sweet almond oil helps to alleviate dry skin and itching due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Because sweet almond oil is very soothing, it’s recommended to those suffering from eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis, as well as those with sensitive and dry skin1.

The oil is moisturising, and it’s quickly absorbed by the skin, making it a great oil for massage.

It’s generally non-comedogenic, meaning that it won’t clog your pores so you can use it as a gentle moisturiser for your face. It can also be used to remove makeup but do follow up with a face wash to make sure your skin is clean2.
Thanks to the high concentration of fatty acids and hydrating properties of sweet almond oil, the balm can also work wonders on chapped lips. It’s quickly absorbed by the skin and leaves them feeling soft and moisturised3, without any greasy feel, making it a pocket staple for those colder months that wreak havoc on our lips.

Learn more about other ingredients that we use such as castor oil, another powerhouse oil found in the Protect Balm. Keep in touch with weDo by following us on Instagram and Tik Tok for advice on sustainable beauty, tips on how to use our products and overall joy.






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